Bamboo Toilet Paper and the Science Behind Its Composition

Bamboo Toilet Paper and the Science Behind Its Composition

Bamboo Toilet Paper and the Science Behind Its Composition

Explore how bamboo toilet paper presents the perfect balance of strength and softness

We often tout the sustainable characteristics of bamboo and why using tree-free toilet paper is great for our planet, and honestly, that's enough for us! 

However, we know consumers expect a certain level of quality and function in the products they purchase, and we're eager to deliver! That's why we want to take this opportunity to highlight some of the other very special characteristics of ecoHiny.

Bamboo toilet paper is a remarkable product that boasts a unique combination of softness and strength. It's just another one of the many reasons it makes sense to switch to 100% bamboo toilet paper.

Toilet paper can cause irritation if it's too thin or too rough. Aside from possible discomfort and irritation, you don't want a paper failure at a critical moment while wiping! 

That's the problem with all the other toilet paper options; you have to sacrifice one thing to get another. If it's an eco-friendly recycled option, it's probably not quite comfortable (actually, it could be super-scratchy!) If you've got the softest store-bought brand, you're carrying chemicals and all types of unwanted additives into your home.

Bamboo toilet paper presents the perfect balance of what it takes to complete the job successfully while still experiencing extreme comfort. You really can meet your sustainable lifestyle goals with a robust product made with an incredible ingredient.

It's all about the bamboo! This super plant is something. It has characteristics that complement its sustainability factor. These include maximum strength and ultimate softness, and it's all backed by science.

Remarkable Strength

That's right; bamboo is buff! You might have to spend hours in the gym performing a sweaty workout sesh, but bamboo is born with it. It's actually one of the strongest substances there is.

All materials can be rated by a measure called tensile strength. Tensile strength is determined by the amount of pressure a material can withstand while being stretched or pulled before it breaks or becomes deformed.

Tensile strength is also really important in manufacturing because it tells us how much stress a material can handle before it fails. The higher the tensile strength, the stronger and more durable the material is, which is great for creating safer and more reliable structures and products.

Bamboo itself has a tensile strength of 28,000 pounds. Let's consider some comparisons. Steel has a tensile strength of 23,000 pounds. That means bamboo beats what is considered to be one of the world's strongest metals! 

Bamboo is actually employed in a variety of building and structural applications and is considered far more durable than hardwood timber. It is known to withstand loads better than some varieties of concrete and even has a stronger weight-to-strength ratio than graphite.

That strength comes from the fibers at work holding together bamboo toilet paper. The same fibers that are responsible for the strong tensile strength of bamboo are incorporated into each roll of ecoHiny bamboo toilet paper. It's not a flimsy product that's going to fall apart!

You might be thinking, strong sounds great, but my toilet paper product has got to feel good. Don't worry! Bamboo does that too!

Bamboo Toilet Paper and the Science Behind Its Composition

Long Fibers Mean Strong but Also Soft

The same characteristic that aids in the strength of bamboo toilet paper also makes it inherently soft. Yep, we're still talking about those fabulous fibers.

The fibers of bamboo are naturally long and flexible, making them ideal for producing a softer texture compared to traditional toilet paper. The length and flexibility of the fibers allow for more pliability and suppleness in a tissue paper product.

Additionally, ecoHiny bamboo toilet paper is made with a higher percentage of pulp than regular toilet paper, further contributing to its luxurious feel.

More pulp makes toilet paper soft because it increases the thickness and density of the paper fibers. This creates more air pockets between the fibers, which can help to cushion and absorb moisture. Additionally, the added pulp can help to create a smoother surface, which can feel softer to the touch.

We also use a special process known as "air-laid" to create our product. This process involves using air instead of water to bond the fibers together, resulting in a fluffier and softer texture. 

Essentially, the use of air facilitates the creation of a more uniform and porous structure, which enhances the overall softness of the tissue.

Compared to traditional toilet paper, bamboo air-laid toilet paper is not only softer but also more absorbent. 

Other key characteristics include:

  • No scratching
  • Lint, dust, and static-free
  • Strong when wet
  • Clean and hygienic

Toilet paper also comes in ply and roll sizes. Ply indicates the number of layers of material included on each sheet. A good bamboo toilet paper is three-ply, which really creates a soft cushion for a comfortable experience.

Each of ecoHiny's 350-sheet mega rolls includes the ultimate comfort offered by three-ply paper!

Bamboo's unique composition of naturally long and strong fibers creates the foundation for the perfectly balanced tissue product. Add to that a higher percentage of pulp and a manufacturing process that adds to a fluffier texture, and you have yourself a luxurious bathroom product that pleases every time.

Bamboo Toilet Paper and the Science Behind Its Composition

Get What You Want With ecoHiny

You already know we're gonna bring you the best option for our planet, but we're also passionate about creating a superior product. Lucky for us (and you), bamboo delivers for us on all fronts.

Because of the natural makeup of the bamboo plant and its super-powered fibers, we're able to create something that satisfies your sustainability preferences and your expectations for strength and softness.

So if you're thinking of making the switch, we're here to help! Science supports your decision!

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