We make big changes in a cheeky sort of way

100% soft and sustainable bamboo toilet paper for earth-saving hinys

ecoHiny makes sustainability affordable without sacrificing a premium, um...experience.


    feels good on the booty and saves trees


    TP from responsibly managed forests


    Go au naturale with bamboo and get a spa experience for your hiny

Why choose ecoHiny for your family’s assets

  • Skin-loving Bamboo is Gentle and Strong

    Hypoallergenic, BPA free, and elemental chlorine free (EFC), ecoHiny checks all the boxes for earth conscious families who want a premium ply.

  • Smells Like...Nothing (aka Unscented)

    Free of lint, ink, scents, and dye, ecoHiny is suitable for all skin types without sacrificing that plushy butt feeling.

    Ok, it does smell like something.. Unscented bamboo toilet paper

  • Responsibly Sourced and Affordable

    ecoHiny is sourced through mission-driven supply chains who share our passion for earth-friendly toilet paper that feels good on the hiny while keeping costs down.

  • Ethically Brought to you From the Bamboo Farm to Your Tush

    Ethically harvested from FSC certified bamboo farms ecoHiny is delivered in plastic-free packaging made with post-consumer recyclable material.

  • Change Starts from the (erm) Bottom Up

    Our vision is to promote and assist in building a sustainable world.

    We want to help our customers do their part with easy choices that begin with their bottoms.

Guilt-free flushes

By switching to ecoHiny toilet paper, you’re saving at least one tree per year.


Why Bamboo for the Booty Just Works

Bamboo is a miracle crop.

No joke.

It reaches maturity exponentially faster than a tree.

If you’re counting that’s 3 years for bamboo as opposed to 20-30 for a tree!

And that’s without herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers.

Plus bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic which makes it a perfect companion for all skin types.

As an added bonus, bamboo produces 30% more oxygen and absorbs 35% more carbon than a regular tree.

Learn More about Sustainability
  • Streamlined Supply Chain

  • Minimal Overhead

  • Simple Cost Plus Model

  • Mission Driven

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