The Best Toilet Paper for Plumbing: Why ecoHiny Stands Out

The Best Toilet Paper for Plumbing: Why ecoHiny Stands Out

Is your paper compatible with your plumbing? If you're still using traditional toilet paper, chances are it's not.

Toilet paper selection matters in maintaining the health and proper function of your plumbing system. It can make the difference between a system that runs smoothly and a costly and inconvenient clog.

We've got the information you need to choose the best toilet paper. Find out here how to avoid plumbing issues caused by paper brands that don't dissolve.

Plumbing, Clogs, and Traditional Toilet Paper

Your toilet uses gravity and water pressure to flush waste down a drain and into the sewage system. When you press the flush handle, a flapper valve opens in the bottom of the tank, allowing water to rush into the bowl. This sudden inflow of water creates a siphon effect, pulling the waste and water out of the bowl and into the drainpipe. (1) Certain objects can interrupt the process, leading to a problem with your pipes.

The Best Toilet Paper for Plumbing: Why ecoHiny Stands Out

The major causes of toilet clogs include flushing non-flushable items such as paper towels, baby wipes, and feminine hygiene products, as well as excessive toilet paper usage and using toilet paper with slow disintegration rates.

Additionally, mineral build-up, tree roots invading the sewer line, and flushing foreign objects like toys or personal care products can also lead to toilet clogs.

It's important to be mindful of what is being flushed down the toilet to prevent these issues.

So, let's say you are. Your toilet is toy-free, you don't make a habit of tossing paper towels, and you certainly keep personal care products from being flushed. What's the best line of defense against costly and unpleasant clogs? Choose the best toilet paper for plumbing.

What Makes Toilet Paper Plumbing-Friendly?

Toilet paper designed to be flushable should have certain qualities to minimize the risk of clogging. These qualities ensure it won't cause issues in septic systems or sewage systems.

Quick dissolving toilet paper is crucial for plumbing. The best toilet paper breaks down easily in water, reducing the risk of clogging pipes and causing plumbing issues. Traditional toilet paper can be slower to disintegrate, potentially leading to blockages in the plumbing system. Using rapid-dissolving toilet paper can help prevent these problems and keep the plumbing running!

Some toilet papers contain dyes, fragrances, or other chemicals that can be harmful to septic systems or plumbing. These chemicals can be especially disruptive to the natural processes that occur in septic systems.  

Septic systems are more sensitive than sewer systems because they rely on a delicate balance of bacteria and other microorganisms to break down and treat household wastewater. If harsh chemicals or the wrong materials are introduced into the system, it can disrupt this balance and lead to system failure. 

Certain chemicals in toilet paper can also be slow to break down, causing issues with dissolvability and leading to potential blockages.

Although all papers are biodegradable, they are not all created equally. Eco-friendly toilet paper has the ability to biodegrade faster. Toilet paper made without the use of toxic chemicals or other harmful additives allows the natural fibers in the paper to break down easily which makes them safer for your plumbing.

EcoHiny's Advantages: Ultra Soft, Ultra Strong, and Ultra Safe for Plumbing

ecoHiny's advantage rests in its primary ingredient: bamboo.

Bamboo toilet paper doesn't need additives to improve softness and flexibility. Bamboo fibers are extremely long and pliable, and that translates to toilet paper made from bamboo.

Simply put, bamboo has a natural ability to be incredibly soft and super strong.

Those long, flexible, and natural bamboo fibers are biodegradable and break down much faster in water than the fibers from hardwood trees contained in traditional toilet paper. While some brands tout the plush thickness of their papers, that added cushion means added time to dissolve.

Because bamboo is natural, dissolves quickly, and degrades at a rapid rate, it's safe for all types of toilet systems. You can use bamboo toilet paper with:

  • Municipal sewer systems
  • Septic systems
  • RV and travel trailer toilets
  • Alternative toilets

It's also the most eco-friendly toilet paper choice. You won't find any toxic chemicals or additives as a part of ecoHiny's bamboo toilet paper. The same goes for inks, dyes, and fragrances. But if you want to talk about a real environmental advantage, consider its lack of trees.

That's right, ecoHiny bamboo toilet paper is and always will be 100% tree-free. It's also Forest Stewardship Council certified, which means it upholds rigorous standards for responsible and ethical sourcing of its materials. (2)

Buying bamboo toilet paper helps save our planet's precious forests, and that's what ecoHiny is all about!

The Best Toilet Paper for Plumbing: Why ecoHiny Stands Out

Choosing the Best Toilet Paper for Plumbing

It's easy to ensure the long-term health of your home's plumbing when you choose toilet tissue that dissolves quickly and is free of chemicals, dyes, and fragrances. Consumers should also consider a paper's biodegradability.

It also makes sense to save trees, and ecoHiny offers a tree-free guarantee. It's truly the top choice for eco-friendly toilet paper that protects your plumbing.

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