What is the Best Ply of Toilet Paper: 3 ply vs 2 ply?

What is the Best Ply of Toilet Paper: 3 ply vs 2 ply?

Toilet paper is an essential part of our daily lives, and choosing the right type can make all the difference in terms of hygiene and comfort. When it comes to the ply count, you may notice a significantly different experience at each level.

Let's look at the importance of ply and see why ecoHiny is the best option for you.

Understanding Toilet Paper Ply

The number of plies in toilet paper refers to the number of layers of paper that are used to make the tissue. The more layers of paper, the thicker and more absorbent the toilet paper will be. 

This is because each additional layer adds more thickness and absorbency to the tissue. 

Layers are bonded together to create a stronger and more durable product and also to ensure they don't separate during use.

Ply matters in toilet paper because it affects the strength, softness, and absorbency of the tissue. For example, 1-ply toilet paper is the thinnest and least absorbent option, while 2-ply and 3-ply toilet paper are thicker and more absorbent. Multi-ply toilet paper is also less likely to tear or shred during use, providing a more effective cleaning experience. (1)

Ultimately, the choice of toilet paper ply is a personal preference based on factors such as comfort, budget, and environmental concerns. 

What is the Best Ply of Toilet Paper: 3 ply vs 2 ply?

The Specifics of Ply

One-ply toilet paper is the thinnest and most basic type of toilet paper available in the market. It is made from a single layer of paper and is usually less expensive than other types of toilet paper. 

However, it is also less absorbent and softer than other types, which can make it less comfortable to use. One-ply toilet paper is often used in public restrooms and other high-traffic areas where cost is a major consideration.

Two-ply toilet paper is a type of toilet paper that consists of two layers of paper. Two-ply toilet paper is commonly used in households and commercial settings. 

It is considered to be more comfortable and effective than single-ply toilet paper because it is less likely to tear or leave residue behind. Additionally, two-ply toilet paper can be more cost-effective in the long run because users can use less paper per use.

3-ply toilet paper is a type of toilet tissue that consists of three layers of paper. The first layer is typically a soft and gentle layer that is meant to be gentle on the skin. 

The second layer is a thicker and more absorbent layer that is designed to absorb moisture and other materials. The third layer is typically a strong and durable layer that helps to prevent tearing and shredding while in use. 

Overall, 3-ply toilet paper is a higher quality and more luxurious option compared to 1-ply or 2-ply toilet paper. It provides a more comfortable and effective cleaning experience.

EcoHiny's Commitment to Comfortable Toilet Paper

At ecoHiny, we want to provide you with the very best toilet paper option that meets your sustainable lifestyle goals. 

Our toilet paper is:

  • Completely tree-free
  • Free of dyes, harmful chemicals, fragrances, and elemental chlorine-based bleaches
  • Made from super-sustainable bamboo
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Wrapped and packaged in 100% recyclable material
  • Sent to you via carbon-neutral shipping
  • Plastic free

However, we also understand you expect a certain level of quality and comfortability when it comes to wiping! We care about the planet, but we care about your tushy, too!

The Ply of Toilet Paper You Get With ecoHiny

You can shop eco-consciously and still get the quality you prefer. With ecoHiny, there is no sacrifice. Our toilet paper is 3-ply, providing the ultimate sensory experience.

3-ply toilet paper is often preferred over 1-ply or 2-ply because it offers several benefits. The extra layer of paper in 3-ply toilet paper makes it thicker and more absorbent, which means it can effectively clean and make you feel more comfortable. The added thickness also makes it less likely to tear, reducing the chances of leaving any residue behind. 

The softness and absorbency of 3-ply toilet paper can make it a more luxurious and enjoyable option.

The Environment and Ply of Toilet Paper

Some raise concerns that thicker, more absorbent 3-ply paper means more waste or that its manufacturing is more detrimental to the environment. With ecoHiny, that's not the case at all!

By harnessing the super sustainability power of bamboo, our paper can be 3-ply and safe for the planet.

Bamboo is known for its rapid growth. It's considered one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth, with Chinese moso bamboo growing up to several feet in just one day. (2) Bamboo reaches maturity much faster than the decades it takes for hardwood trees to mature. This rapid growth rate and ability to regenerate quickly make bamboo a more sustainable raw material option.

It's also a crop that doesn't require harmful fertilizers or chemical pesticides. That's just one way bamboo crops make for keeping soil healthy.

Harvesting bamboo doesn't disrupt root systems or require replanting to yield new crops, like when trees are harvested for the traditional toilet paper industry. Bamboo is cut and then grows from its existing root systems. These root systems also help combat erosion.

In addition, bamboo needs less water to thrive than traditional crops. Growing bamboo means keeping our water supply and soil plentiful and safe. 

Bamboo toilet paper is 100% biodegradable, and because it's bamboo, it breaks down faster than hardwood pulp paper varieties.

Bamboo is also safe for all types of toilets and systems. Sewer, septic, R.V., and alternative toilets are all compatible with bamboo.

What is the Best Ply of Toilet Paper: 3 ply vs 2 ply?

Shop Eco-Consciously While Getting Quality and Comfort

When you choose a 3-ply toilet paper, you're choosing the most comfortable and reliable wiping experience. You'll get softness, and you also don't have to worry about not getting the job done. 3-ply's extra layers ensure that nothing gets left behind (on your behind!)

It's soft, strong, reliable, and durable; what more could you want in a toilet paper? We know, and ecoHiny has that too!

When you choose ecoHiny, you're choosing the comfort and strength you need along with the sustainable and eco-friendly production practices you want. You really can have the best of both worlds when you choose ecoHiny for your bathroom!

Explore ecoHiny's 3-ply bamboo toilet paper and discover what a perfect fit our product will be for your home. Then, tell us about your experiences! Have you tried other plies and been dissatisfied? Is bamboo an option you're excited to have discovered? Let us know what you want in a toilet paper brand!

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