The Benefits of Using ecoHiny's Bamboo Toilet Paper: A Comprehensive Guide

The Benefits of Using ecoHiny's Bamboo Toilet Paper: A Comprehensive Guide

The Benefits of Using ecoHiny's Bamboo Toilet Paper: A Comprehensive Guide

Become well-informed about why bamboo toilet paper is better

How much thought do you put into what you wipe with? Maybe you have a high-maintenance hiny that needs an especially soft touch. Perhaps your tush is tough, and you don't really consider your toilet paper a compelling purchase. It could be that you have love and loyalty to a specific brand or seek the best bargain on supermarket shelves.

Whatever type of T.P. person you are, we offer the best option.

ecoHiny wants you to see the significance of switching to 100% bamboo toilet paper. Allow us to show you how bamboo toilet paper is superior for any posterior. We'll guide you through all the benefits to your body, your potty, and our planet. Trust us; you'll want to be wiping with ecoHiny in no time!

Benefit #1: Bamboo Toilet Paper Comes From a Sustainable Super Plant

Traditional toilet paper. Sure, it does the job, but did you know it also does a number on our planet's precious forests? We're talking major trauma to our trees.

A staggering 27,000 trees end up essentially flushed away every single day. That's right. Every single day. It's estimated that you will use the equivalent of 384 trees in your lifetime just from using regular toilet paper.

The traditional toilet paper industry is responsible for a significant percentage of the 15 million trees lost annually to deforestation. ecoHiny wants to help you do your part to keep trees in the ground. The good news is we have a solution—sustainable tree-free T.P.

When you buy 100% bamboo toilet paper, the only element in the toilet paper is bamboo, and it's not a tree at all!

Bamboo is often mistaken for a tree, but it's actually classified as grass. This difference makes harvesting a bamboo crop much better for our environment. 

Some species of bamboo can literally grow feet in just one day, so bamboo reaches maturity extraordinarily quickly compared to the hardwood trees used to produce traditional toilet paper. It doesn't require destroying acres and acres of established trees to replenish the supply.

Harvesting bamboo also doesn't require the roots or soil to be disrupted, leaving delicate ecosystems underground intact. Since bamboo is simply cut (think of it like mowing a lawn), it doesn't require replanting. Regrowth occurs from its existing root systems. Not only does this mean zero disruption to biodiversity, but also less water consumption to get the crop growing again.

Sustainability means having the ability to be maintained at a certain level without a negative impact on our natural resources. Bamboo undoubtedly checks that box!

Because we're super committed to being eco-friendly, the fact that we create tree-free forest-saving toilet paper might be our favorite part, but there are even more great benefits.

Benefit #2: Bamboo Toilet Paper Provides All the Performance Without Anything Harsh or Harmful

Bamboo is a super plant that is also super strong. Fun fact: It has a stronger tensile strength than steel, and it brings that power to our toilet paper. 

Hardy bamboo fibers make for an incredibly durable product. You won't experience any unwanted weakness when you're wiping with our plush 3-ply rolls.

The Benefits of Using ecoHiny's Bamboo Toilet Paper: A Comprehensive Guide

If you're using traditional toilet paper, it's likely that you're exposing yourself to dyes, fragrances, and other chemicals used for bleaching. Some people, especially those with sensitive skin, could feel the effects of those substances through inflammation or infection. 

At ecoHiny, we guarantee our paper will never include:

  • Dye 
  • Fragrance
  • Ink
  • BPA
  • Elemental Chlorine 

You can give your booty an all-natural, healthy alternative to regular toilet paper.

Other awesome attributes of 100% bamboo toilet paper:

  • It's antifungal
  • It's antibacterial
  • It's hypoallergenic

Bamboo provides a dogged natural defense against allergens, fungi, and bacteria.

We promise you will never be exposed to irritants or toxic chemicals that other products may contain, and you won't be choosing between strength and softness because bamboo toilet paper delivers both!

Benefit #3: ecoHiny Bamboo Toilet Paper is an Upgrade to Your Bathroom and Your Busy Schedule

Bamboo toilet paper breaks down and dissolves easily, so there's no stress for your sewer or septic system. In fact, because it contains no additives, it disintegrates much faster than traditional wood pulp toilet paper.

Enjoy R.V. excursions or camping out in travel trailers? Bamboo toilet paper is safe for those systems too, and our individually wrapped rolls are perfect for toting on trips. You can even use ecoHiny in alternative toilets.

Bamboo paper is 100% biodegradable, taking only weeks to fully decompose compared to years for most traditional toilet paper. ecoHiny isn't going to be hanging around, causing clogs and adding extra unwanted waste. This is especially helpful if you're a water-conscious consumer who's purchased a low-flow toilet. 

Take something off your to-do list with a subscription. The truth is, toilet paper is a personal essential we don't want to be caught without; staying stocked up is smart. ecoHiny offers that option.

Enjoy delivery right to your door in whatever frequency option you prefer. It's not just the most convenient option but one that comes with extra savings!

The Benefits of Using ecoHiny's Bamboo Toilet Paper: A Comprehensive Guide

Choose Bamboo and Enjoy the Benefits

Bamboo beats traditional toilet paper when it comes to pretty much every aspect. Its sustainability is unmatched, so its use helps us make such a dent in deforestation. It's a reliable, strong, and incredibly healthy way to wipe.

Take this household necessity and use it as an opportunity to do something special for yourself and helpful to the environment. It's truly one of the easiest sustainable swaps you can make in your household routine. Find peace of mind in every flush.

Let us help you make the switch! Keep browsing our site for more information on why bamboo is the right paper for you. Once you're sold (and we know you will be), check out our shop page to get started on your first purchase.

ecoHiny is so happy you're willing to make eco-friendly toilet paper a priority, and we're here to make it easier than ever!