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Types of Toilet Paper: Pros and Cons of Each

Discover the best toilet paper for you: unveiling types, pros, and cons to help you make the perfect choice for your needs.

You might not have put much thought into your toilet paper in the past. It's a common household staple that we need at the ready. We've become accustomed to brands that are widely available in supermarkets, but we don't have to settle for the status quo any longer.

Traditional toilet paper isn't our only option anymore. There are different types of toilet paper available to consumers. You can opt for the traditional version made of paper from hardwood trees or try out one of the popular products made from an alternative source. 

Now, we have options, and that means the choice you make matters. 

Choosing the right toilet paper affects hygiene and comfort. Whether you have sensitive skin or just care about what perfumes, chemicals, and additives touch your body, you’ll want a product that fits your physical needs.

You also may want to address your preference to buy sustainable products that support an eco-friendly lifestyle. The traditional toilet paper industry doesn't have a great track record especially when it comes to the treatment of our trees, so knowing there are other options out there is comforting to us eco-conscious consumers.

ecoHiny is here to help you make the right decision. Let's look into the types of toilet paper available for your home and what each offers. 

Types of Toilet Paper: Pros and Cons of Each

Types of Toilet Paper

Like any home product, having a choice means tailoring your tastes and tending to your needs. Is there really a more important area for that consideration than an intimate hygiene product like toilet paper? 

Explore these options and decide which one meets all your restroom requirements! (We'll give you a hint: You're gonna love bamboo!)

Traditional Toilet Paper

Here's the one we all know best. You may even have brands that receive your love and loyalty. That makes sense since there are pros to purchasing traditional toilet paper.


The convenience factor is traditional toilet paper's biggest perk. It's readily available; you can grab it at your favorite supermarket, drugstore, and even convenience stores have a supply. 

Because it's so widely produced, there are also many options. You can take your pick of ply thickness or between soft and ultra-soft varieties. Some brands even offer scents and colors.


The traditional toilet paper industry is responsible for a dramatic decline in our precious forests. In fact, the majority of timber used in the production of traditional toilet paper is harvested from Canada's boreal forest, and despite a growing interest in more eco-friendly options, major manufacturers continue to raze these vital lands. (1)

Traditional toilet paper also makes use of harsh chemicals and bleaches during its production. When used during manufacturing, they can make their way to our water sources and when they’re included in the paper, they make their way into our homes.

Recycled Toilet Paper

Recycled toilet paper is made from what's called post-consumer recycled content. Any old paper products are eligible to end up in recycled toilet paper. It's an excellent use of papers that would otherwise be thrown away and end up in landfills.


Recycled toilet paper reduces overall waste and helps with deforestation. Because it uses material that would have ended up as waste, and because no "new" trees are used, recycled toilet paper takes some of the strain off our environment.


Recycled toilet paper has a reputation for being rough. Recycled fibers are shorter and don't allow for the type of flexibility it takes to create a soft sensation. Some recycled brands also use bleach and could contain other chemicals used to break down the recycled paper.

It's also highly dependent on where you are. Recycled toilet paper is more popular in some places than others, so lack of convenience may weigh into your decision.

Bamboo Toilet Paper 

When it comes to bamboo toilet paper, we consider it a no-brainer. Bamboo toilet paper is made using bamboo, a sustainable and eco-friendly crop. 


Bamboo fibers are incredibly long, which makes for an extremely soft toilet paper experience. There's no compromising comfort by choosing bamboo. Those same fibers also make for incredibly strong toilet paper. Bamboo doesn't mean sacrificing performance.

Add to that the environmentally friendly material and eco-friendly production practices. From planting to harvest to production, bamboo toilet paper is super sustainable and guaranteed to contain zero chemicals.


So far, not many supermarkets have caught on to the super plant that is bamboo! The availability factor isn't quite where it needs to be yet, but with options to have bamboo toilet paper shipped right to your door, the convenience factor is unmatched!

A slightly higher cost is the reality of buying bamboo toilet paper, but the quality, safety, and sustainability of using bamboo toilet paper is a fair trade.

Luxury Toilet Paper 

Treat yourself much? Well, this option is in that category. If you're one to splurge on household necessities, here are the facts about fancy T.P. 


Ultra-soft and indulgent toilet paper is the hallmark of a luxury brand. You can even express yourself and your personal style with a special toilet paper touch. Yes, there are brands of toilet paper that allow you to spruce up your bathroom space with fancy patterns, colors, and packaging.

It's an extra dash of comfort and a little detail that shows you have style. A visit to your trendsetting toilet will likely be appreciated by your guests.


Luxury comes at a cost, and that's the red flag with luxury brands. You'll have to pay handsomely to dress up your toilet paper holder.

Additionally, you might be paying for an enhanced experience, but the environmental trade-off is off-putting. Most luxury brands subscribe to the same production practices and use of hardwood timber that makes traditional toilet paper unappealing. 

You're paying extra to eradicate our forests.

Choosing the Right Toilet Paper 

Now that you know the pros and cons of each type of toilet paper, what else should weigh into your decision? There are several factors to consider before making your final choice.

Budget for Bath Tissue

As we mentioned, if you spring for some brands, you need to be prepared to pay. Additionally, many options come at a very affordable cost. How much you're willing to pay for toilet paper is something to think about. 

You can go with a budget brand, a slight splurge, or an all-out luxury purchase.


If you're like us, you want what's best for the environment! Maybe you have major sustainability goals set for your home. Living sustainably means understanding how your lifestyle choices impact others and our environment. (2) We agree that's admirable and want to encourage your endeavors to seek a more sustainable solution to traditional toilet paper. 

You should definitely keep the environment in mind when making your choice.

Personal Preferences and Priorities 

Think about what matters most when you wipe. Are you looking for the ultimate softness? Does dazzling your guests with a unique bathroom experience appeal to you? Is eco-friendly the way you want to go? Do you have sustainability expectations? Will you shop online or purchase in stores? Are you usually stocked and prepared, or are you an 11th-hour shopper?

Answering these questions about yourself and your household will help.

ecoHiny Toilet Paper

ecoHiny Brings the Best of Bamboo 

Did you ever think there was so much to consider in a toilet paper purchase? We think it's an exciting prospect! 

The best toilet paper is the one that meets all your expectations and helps you achieve all your goals when you go. Thankfully, the market is expanding and allowing for more options, especially for those of us who want to help combat climate change and deforestation.

We believe with ecoHiny, you get it all. Our three-ply 100% bamboo toilet paper rolls are tree-free, chemical-free, and don't compromise on comfort or quality. Bamboo is strong, and so is our toilet paper, but don't worry! It's exceptionally soft, too, thanks to those long bamboo fibers.

Satisfy your budget, bring a unique experience to the bathroom, and show off what an eco-conscious consumer you are with ecoHiny!

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